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 Winner of the Colchester Counry Art Acquisition Program 2016

Keith Cheyne

Keith Cheyne began carving in 1997 and started with flat work, faces, etc. He then began creating ducks and competed in Halifax, PEI, New Brunswick, & Ontario in several art shows.

Keith has also become involved in many painting sessions. He’s hand carved birds have been in competition for years and there are as close to realistic as possible. One of them also being included in a display were one of them is being floated in a tank. Keith creates even smaller song birds which also means a great deal of work on their presentation. Keith enjoys creating, carving, he says they are interesting and it’s just so fun.







Janice Guinan's Phantom Ship of the Norththumberland Strait

PhantomShipofthe NorthumberlandStrait


Christene Sandeson's- Freeze and Thaw

Freeze and Thaw copy

Municipality of Colchester

Recreation Services

1 Church St, Truro, Nova Scotia

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Winner of the 2014 Art Aquisition Program- Deborah MacDonald

IMG 0017

A place of great natural beauty, Nova Scotia is her home by birth and by choice. Deborah is part of the long tradition of self-taught maritime artists her art has been described by some as hyper-realism. Birds, elegant and beautiful have long captured her imagination. With graphite and watercolours, clean lines and close attention to detail, she work's to capture their magic.

Winner of the 2013 Art Aquisition Program-Ben McLellan

Ben McLellan Winner 2013  IMG 0060

Ben McLellan creates artistic expressions in wood to include vases, vessels, salad bowls, and cremation urns. Ben uses hardwoods native to Nova Scotia including species such as maple, birch, ash, oak, beech, elm, locust and cherry.Although there are numerous materials available, many people maintain an appreciation for the natural beauty of wood.

The tactile and visual qualities of wood are unlike any other artistic medium. The attention that he gives to each piece creates a one-of-a kind, high Craftsmanship, you-want to touch it product.

Located at 9007 highway 215, Maitland, Hants County on the picturesque Glooscap Trail, Maitland. His studio is open May-October. You can visit him on the web at


Art Acquisition 2012, November 6th to 30th

McCarthy Gallery, NSCC Truro Campus

Recognizing the importance of the culture community within the County and the Province, the Municipality of Colchester is proud to host an Annual Art Acquisition featuring various pieces from local artists. During the show a work of art is selected by a committee and added to the permanent public display on the main floor of the County of Colchester Courthouse, located at 1 Church St., Truro. The selection is based on quality of the art, the historic development and lifestyle of Colchester County and the medium used.

rocky beach

Co-sponsored by the Municipality of Colchester and the Truro Art Society, this year’s Art Acquisition Show runs from November 6th to 30th at the McCarthy Gallery, NSCC Truro on 36 Arthur St.

Municipality of Colchester Art Show 2012

Three for Tea

This year’s winning selection, titled “Three for Tea”, is by Joanne Hunt. Joanne Hunt is a professional artist living in Valley, Nova Scotia. Described as a contemporary realist, she creates both oil and watercolor paintings with an emphasis on color, depth and strong design. Her art investigates the details found in everyday objects and strives to reveal the hidden visual wonders too often unnoticed.

Joanne is largely self-taught as a painter and has nurtured and enjoyed her creative ways from a very young age. She studied at Holland College and became a Graphic Designer, a career she enjoyed for over 20 years. She was elected to the prestigious Society of Painters in Water Color (CSPWC) in 2002 and also to the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) in 2005. Her work has won numerous awards at national exhibitions and can be found in collections across Canada, the US and Europe.

We are proud to have “Three for Tea” as part of our Municipal art collection. You can view the collection on the ground floor of the County Courthouse located at 1 Church St., Truro.

The Municipality of Colchester Art Collection

The Municipality's art collection is maintained as a permanent public display of the importance of the cultural community within the County and the province. If you wish to view the past selections, the collection is presently hanging on the main floor of the County Courthouse, 1 Church Street, Truro.

"The Collection reflects the historic and artistic development of Colchester County and its artists"