November 29, 2022:

The parts required to repair the UV light at the Water Fill Station on Highway 236 are expected to arrive in 1 week. The UV light is required to kill any bacteria that may be in the water. At present we cannot guarantee the water will be bacteria-free.

In the meantime, the boil water order is still in effect for this site. Consumers are advised to boil all water for at least 1 minute after it reaches a rolling boil, before drinking, preparing infant formulas, preparing juices and ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking, dental hygiene or any other activity that may result in human consumption.

Our sampling at this site has not detected any bacterial contamination and the boil order is precautionary. The Municipality and Nova Scotia Environment are continuing to monitor the water quality closely and are working in close consultation. 

Detailed instructions on water usage when a boil water advisory is in effect are available by clicking here.

For further information regarding this notice call the Municipality of Colchester, Public Works Office at 902-897-3175.