Churches & Cemeteries


Brookfield East and Westside Cemeteries

Brookfield Eastside CemeteryThese two cemeteries Brookfield Westside Cemeteryare located across the the road from each other. The Brookfield Eastside Cemetery was founded in 1864, while the Westside Cemetery was established some 87 years later in 1951.

Lynch Cemetery

Earliest grave was 1863, William H. Lynch.

Lower Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Lower Pleasant Valley CemeteryThe Lower Pleasant VLower Pleasant Valley Cemeteryalley Cemetery was established in 1878.

Middle Stewiacke Cemetery

Middle Stewiacke CemeteryIn February, 1944, thMiddle Stewiacke Cemeterye late George S. Dickey donated a lot of land to the Middle Stewiacke community for a new cemetery. On May 26, 1956, an additional lot of land was donated by Lee Dickey (son of G. S. Dickey). The first burial was March 20, 1945, for Lewis Brenton.

Old Baptist Cemetery, Upper Stewiacke

Old Baptist CemeteryThe Old Baptist Cemetery was established in 1839.

Pine Grove Cemetery, Stewiacke East

Pine Grove CemeteryPine Grove Cemetery was established in 1803Pine Grove Cemetery.


Alton United Church

Former Alton United ChurchThe Alton United Church was active until it was converted to a hall, around 1960.

Brookfield Baptist Church

On January 8, 1862, the Baptist church in Brookfield was organized.  The first Pastor was Rev. Theodore Harding Porter whose father, bearing the same name, was a Baptist Minister in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  The present church was built in 1924 on the same site as its predecessor to provide the increased space of which a growing membership needed. Brookfield (Knox) United Church

Brookfield Knox United ChurchThe exteriBrookfield Knox United Churchor of a Presbyterian Church in Brookfield was raised in July 1833.  A new church was opened on October 15, 1870 and became Knox United Church in 1925.

Burnside Presbyterian Church

Burnside ChurchConstruction began on a Presbyterian church in Burnside in June, 1896 and was dedicated on October 31, 1897.

First Framed Church, Gays River

First Framed Church, Gays RiverThe first framed First Gays River Church Cemeterychurch in Gays River was built in 1818 and served the community until 1858. Today a monument stand on the site of the church surrounded by the remains of a cemetery.

Gays River United Church

Gays River United ChurchGays River United Church Cemetery A Presbyterian church was built in 1818; it was replaced by a new church which was begun in 1856 and opened in 1858.  In 1925, it became the United Church. Today, a large cemetery sits in front of the church.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Fort Ellis

Holy Trinity Anglican Church CemeteryHoly TrinitHoly Trinity Anglican Church Cemeteryy Anglican Church was consecrated on July 12, 1848 and served until a new Holy Trinity church was built in the town of Stewiacke in 1909. Today, the Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery and a momument are on the site.

Middle Stewiacke Church

Middle Stewiacke ChurchThe first Presbyterian meetinghouse burned down about the time it was completed inside.  In 1804 a new church was built.  The building was then replaced in 1848 by a church which was torn down in 1921. A new church was built soon afterwards on the bank of the Stewiacke River.

Sharon United Church, East Stewiacke

Sharon United ChurchThis church was opened on February 10, 1901.

St. Paul's Anglican Chapel, Gays River

St. Paul’s Anglican chapel was begun in 1830, consecrated June 28, 1836, and abandoned in 1864.

Upper Stewiacke United Church

Upper Stewiacke United ChurchThe Upper Stewiacke United Church was founded in 1894.

Wittenburg United Baptist Church

Wittenburg United Baptist ChurchThe United Baptist church was erected in 1881 in Wittenburg.


A Baptist meeting-house was begun about 1857 and was probably completed late in 1868.

East Stewiacke

A Baptist meetinghouse was opened in April 30, 1876, at East Stewiacke.

Fort Ellis

A log church was built by the Presbyterian near Fort Ellis in 1796-97.  A new frame church was built in 1845 in Fort Ellis.

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