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Corporate Services


Corporate Services is responsible for the internal functions of the Municipality.  These include:

  • Delivery of services by departments to other areas of the organization
  • Delivery of financial, human resource, occupational health and safety, administrative services
  • Operations maintenance for the Courthouse

Organization Structure

In Corporate Services, the following departments report to the Director:

  • Finance Department
  • Management Information Systems Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Courthouse Operational Services

Corporate Services and Director Activities

Financial Services

  • Day to day accounting operations by Finance Department
  • Director performs Municipal Treasurer obligations
  • Director oversees preparation of annual budgets and audited financial statements

Management Information Systems

  • Day to day computer network administration and system maintenance by Department
  • Director oversees service integration with other departments

Courthouse Operations

  • General maintenance, janitorial and cleaning services done by employed staff for these services

Human Resources

  • Day to day recruitment and benefit coordinator
  • Review adherance to personnel policies and union contract

General Administration

  • Director oversees adherence to County procurement policies
  • Director ensures corporate compliance to Occupational Health and Safety
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