The Municipality of Colchester will consider accepting proposals from proponents for the purchase of 15 Ventura Drive, in Debert, NS. If an appropriate proposal is put forward, the Municipality will dispose of the property in accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The Municipal Council’s objective is for economic development and growth and advancement of the Debert Business Park (DBP). DBP is a key economic driver within Colchester County. Debert is home to over fifty businesses, ranging in sector from manufacturing and fabrication to distribution and hospitality. DBP offers the region’s best access to markets, transportation networks, infrastructure, and available commercial and industrial land. The Municipality of Colchester has prioritized the growth of DBP and is focused on attracting new business development and business expansion. All new developments are required to be commercial or light industrial in nature and are held to specific Debert growth standards, focused on regentrifying the formerly known “Canadian Forces Station Debert”.

The sale of this property is expected to achieve these goals. Therefore, a proponent must submit a proposal that highlights the intended use of the property and how their development plan aligns with the growth plan for Debert Business Park. Proposals must be specific to commercial or industrial uses and development of new business or business expansion.

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