Colchester County Trail Strategy

In 2004 the Municipality of Colchester Council identified trails as a priority area and committed staff to the preparation of a trail strategy to set direction for trail development in Colchester County. The Trail Strategy for Colchester County was approved by Council in 2005.

The Trail Strategy identifies a variety of trail projects and opportunities as well as short, medium and long-term priorities. Projects include upgrading and expansion of the Cobequid Trail in central Colchester in partnership with the Town of Truro and the Village of Bible Hill, as well as completion of the Colchester sections of the Cape to Cape Trail and the Trans Canada Trail.

As part of the Trail Strategy, County Council committed $1 million over five years to support trail development. This funding is a very important component in making the vision for trails in Colchester County a reality.

Through the Community Trail Funding Program, the Municipality supports numerous community organizations in the planning and development of new trails, as well as the maintenance of public recreational trails throughout Colchester County.

The Vision for Trails in Colchester County

From A Trail Strategy for Colchester County (2005):

"Colchester County has a diversity of high quality trails which add vibrancy to the community, are integrated into the community, and are recognized as essential components of the community. Trails in Colchester County provide a variety of exciting and interesting opportunities that link people, communities, and natural and cultural heritage. Colchester County is known as having among the best trails in Nova Scotia.

The Municipality of Colchester is committed to supporting and guiding trail development which enhances the quality of life in Colchester County, encourages active living and a healthy community, promotes environmental appreciation and protection, creates a sustainable trail framework, provides opportunities for all residents, and supports tourism."

Guiding Principles and Goals for the Municipality's Involvement in Trail Development in Colchester County

Quality of Life
Council will strive to ensure that trails enhance the quality of life in Colchester County.

Trail Diversity
Council will strive to build on the continuum of trail types in Colchester County to create a diversity of trail experiences.

Council will strive to ensure that trails and the trail development framework are sustainable.

High Quality Infrastructure
Council will strive to ensure that trail facilities are of high quality.

Environmental Protection
Council will strive to ensure that environmental considerations are key components of all trail initiatives.

Council will strive to ensure that trails physically and conceptually connect people, communities, nature and heritage.

Active Living and Active Transportation
Council will strive to create communities which are safe and enjoyable for pedestrians and cyclists through active transportation planning and design.

Council will strive to create and nuture partnerships, and build on the long history of volunteer and community support for trail initiatives.

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