Building Inspection 

Before you Build

Before you begin most building or renovation projects, you will need a building permit from the Municipality of Colchester.

When do I need a permit?

  • New homes or mini homes.
  • Relocating a dwelling or mobile home.
  • Building an addition onto any home or building.
  • Building a garage or storage shed more than 215 sq.ft. (11'x20'=220 sq.ft.; permit required)
    (* Please note: if you are in a zoned area you will be required to apply for a development permit regardless of the size of your building.)
  • Any structural renovations to an existing dwelling or building.
  • Any structure that requires a power connection.
  • Any change of use in an existing building. (ie. single residential to a two unit apartment.)

Obtaining your approval

Your application and plans are reviewed by staff to make sure that your proposed project complies with the current Building Code. Building Inspectors are available to answer Code related questions and to consult with contractors and the general public with regard to their building projects. A plan review letter will be sent out with your building permit outlining any changes or requirements that must take place during the construction of your project, therefore, plans submitted with building permit applications should be detailed and complete. The rest is left up to you, to build the project correctly and call for all the required inspections as set out on the building permit.

We now have Applications available Online to better serve the Municipality.

To view Building Permit requirements and to fill out an application please visit our Project Page.

Inspections during construction

During construction of your project, periodic inspections will be made to make sure the work completed complies with the current National Building Code standards and related by-laws. You, as the owner or your agent (contractor), are responsible for notifying the Building Inspection Department 24-48 hours in advance at the various stages of construction as outlined on your building permit, for the required Building Inspections to be carried out for approval. (This is Mandatory, No Exceptions.)

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