Is There a Public Water System In My Area?

The County owns water systems in Debert and Tatamagouche.

To see if the public water system is near you, check out the maps below:

How Can I Connect to the Water System?

Any new connections to the water system require a permit from our Community Development Office. 

Water permits in Debert cost $150 while permits in Tatamagouche cost $160.

For residential properties (single family and duplex), if there is no lateral extending from the main line to the property line, owners are required to pay $5,500 to have Public Works install the new lateral to the property line.

For multi-unit and commercial properties, the Owner is responsible for the installation of the lateral from the main line to the property line.

Typical Water Connection 

How Much Does Water Cost?

Water rates are made up of a base service charge (regardless of usage) as well as a usage charge.

These rates are approved by the NS Utility and Review Board.

Water bills go out every three months and can be paid at our Tax Office at 1 Church Street. Go to finance to view payment information.

Current Residential Water Usage Rates

Base Charge (5/8” meter); $90.78 $104.79
Usage Rate (per cubic meter) $2.03 $2.72
Effective Date April 1, 2013 April 1, 2019

Please note: A 5/8” meter is a standard residential sized meter. The minimum bill with no water usage will be the base service charge.

For a full list of service charges, click on the documents below:

How Is Water Treated?

The County owns and operates 2 water utilities. See below to find out more about each utility and how water is safely delivered to customers:

1. Tatamagouche Water Utility

Year Constructed Piping Installed - 1975
New Plant - 2008
Number of Connections 275
Technology Used Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration & Chlorination
Clean Water Produced (m3/day) 290
Source of Water French River
Tata WTP outside Tata WTP inside

2. Debert Water Utility

Year Constructed Piping Installed - 1940s
New Plant - 2018
Number of Connections 202
Technology Used Chlorination
Clean Water Produced (m3/day) 630
Source of Water Two Groundwater Wells
new tower outside new tower inside bldg

What If There is No Public Water In My Area?

If you are located in an area without a public water system, you will need to install a well.

For more information on wells, contact Nova Scotia Environment at 902-893-5880.

Call Before You Dig!

Water lines can be located anywhere. Contact the Public Works Office at 902-897-3175 for pipe locates before digging or fill out the form below and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

pdf Infrastructure Location Request (495 KB)