About Colchester

We are Colchester. A county of over 100 close-knit communities. Respectful and caring of our diverse heritage and culture. Progressive and innovative in our outlook. A community of people and businesses with so much to offer each other and to the world.  We owe it to ourselves – and to the people we serve­ ­– to come together and communicate clearly and with confidence who we are, where we are, and what we do best.

Colchester is a place shaped by time, nature, and culture. Settled thousands of years ago, the First Peoples understood and appreciated this region’s singular beauty and the rich bounty drawn from the land and sea. This ancient culture and its traditions have become central to our modern story.

Today, we are striving to live in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.  As a people, we enjoy the trust and support of our neighbors and the choice of living and working among thriving businesses and industries – along with the support of many modern amenities, services, and schools.  And like the original peoples, we remain strongly rooted to the land and sea, which we honour and celebrate with an astonishing array of rivers, parks, and trails that take you to and through some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

Natural Beauty

When it comes to physical beauty, Colchester County is a natural. Our region is gifted with an astonishing array of amazing landscapes, from the majestic Cobequid Mountains and rolling river valleys to the rich Acadian forest and sweeping pastoral hills ­– all framed within two dramatic shorelines.

  • Colchester’s northern coast runs alongside the luxuriously warm waters of the Northumberland Strait.
  • Colchester is an entry point to the magnificent Bay of Fundy, one of seven natural wonders of North America – and home to the world’s highest tides.
  • An extensive network of parks and trails invite you to explore the incredible physical diversity of the region –from the cliffs along our dramatic seacoast to historic railway hikes that reveal sacred heritage sites, plus glorious waterfalls and river gorges, parks, and protected wilderness areas.


Colchester invests in services that support the community’s desire for a wide range of family-focused activities. As a result, the region has become a year-round playground for young and old to come together and enjoy the great outdoors—and indoors!

  • Our region’s spectacular outdoors makes the perfect setting for a wide range of activities, including hiking trails, camping, ocean activities, and ATV and snowmobile trails.
  • Colchester is a sport lover’s paradise, offering many recreational and athletic opportunities for young and old. It is home to one of the most modern recreation facilities in the province – the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC).


Colchester is also the welcoming heart of the province. We are a people who find it so easy to say hello – and so hard to say goodbye. Colchester County is a caring community that encourages and cultivates visitation, immigration, and new businesses. Whether you make your home here or work here – or both – we want to take the time to make you feel welcome.

  • Colchester is a great destination for immigrants.
  • Community members young and old welcome more newcomers to settle here.
  • People of Colchester work together to create spaces and places and organize social gatherings that make the community a better place to live.

Cultural Diversity

Colchester respects and celebrates the many cultures that shape its communities. This is Mi’kma’ki, land of the Mi’kmaq. Acadian, other European groups, and African settlers who joined the Mi’kmaq have been, in turn, joined by immigrants and students from around the world to form our diverse communities.

  • The County is steeped in rich geological and cultural history, including an internationally significant Paleoindian archeological site dating back over 10,000 years.
  • Colchester is home to museums, libraries, and interpretive centres preserving the rich history of the people who lived and worked these lands.
  • We take great pride in careful restorations of numerous historic sites.
  • The Fundy Discovery Site and Cliffs of Fundy Geopark will continue to be developed to offer visitors and residents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy the natural and cultural experiences found along the Bay of Fundy.
  • The Colchester region hosts a wealth of festivals and events that celebrate the area’s rich culture including the annual Millbrook Powwow, Colchester Highland Games & Gathering, Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival, Tatafest, regular shows and exhibits at the Marigold Cultural Centre and the Grace Jollymore Joyce Art Centre, and the list goes on!


A collection of small-town traditions and charms, Colchester also eagerly embraces growth and change. We regularly welcome new people and opportunities to our region. We’re growing and there's room for everyone.

  • Prime commercial real estate is available for new businesses.
  • Talented and highly trainable graduates are available from Nova Scotia’s many universities and colleges.

Competitive Advantages


Just like Rome, almost every major road in Nova Scotia leads to, from, and through Colchester County. Our central location means we are strategically close to the action at all times.

  • Colchester County is a hub of all major railway lines and highways in the province.
  • The Debert Business Park offers the most strategic location in the Maritimes, with a dedicated airfield, direct access to major highways, international rail, and within 100km of Halifax’s deep-water port.
  • Colchester County residents are just a short half hour drive to the region’s international airport.
  • Hop on Highway 102 and you’re in Halifax, the province’s capital city, in under an hour, or the Trans-Canada Highway 104, which connects to New Brunswick and the rest of Canada.

Quality of Life

Colchester offers a quality of life that other places can only dream of having, including some of the most affordable housing in the province along with convenient access to excellent schools, colleges and universities. Colchester is above all a safe and secure community where people look out for one another and take a genuine interest in the needs and welfare of neighbors. This spirit of caring extends to governance, which invests in a wide variety of services that improve quality of life.

  • Residents enjoy all the pleasures of rural life while being minutes away from major urban offerings like an international airport and the province’s capital city.
  • Residents enjoy big city services in their own community, including a state-of-the-art hospital and ultra- modern recreation centre.
  • Colchester is home to the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus and the NSCC Truro campus, offering over 20 full time programs leading to professional career opportunities. By virtue of its central location, Colchester is a short commute or drive to many university and colleges in the province.


For a region steeped in the proud traditions of the past, Colchester possesses an amazing ability to look forward.

The region has the most central and connected business park in the province – along with a business innovation centre that nurtures and incubates start-ups. Colchester is progressive with its support to community health care services, recreation, water treatment and waste reduction as well.

Last but not least, Colchester has a respectful and constructive relationship with the Millbrook First Nation and neighbouring municipalities.  We work together to make the community stronger.

  • Colchester is an environmental leader in solid waste management, water treatment, renewable energy, wind turbines, and solar programming.
  • Colchester is home to one of the province’s newest hospitals and we take the initiative to attract the best doctors and health care professionals.
  • Our commitment to recreation inspired the creation of one of the most modern recreation facilities in the province.
  • The Perennia Innovation Centre helps start-up agri-food companies see their future more clearly with business incubation support.
  • We are heavily committed to economic development, investing in people and resources to make our region succeed for generations to come.

Colchester – Municipal Government Values

The Municipality of Colchester is led by a progressive municipal government that is focused on preserving the region’s strong cultural roots, investing in strategic infrastructure and economic development initiatives, and improving quality of life for the citizens it serves.

The following values identify what is important to Municipal leaders, and the people of Colchester County.


We believe in visionary leadership that honours the past, while exploring innovative, progressive strategies to support a vibrant, prosperous future for Colchester County.


We work together with all levels of government, our communities, and our citizens for the betterment of the region.


We are focused on developing a community that is fully serviced, in a way that is responsible to citizens, our natural environment, and the economy.


We are invested in our community, building social capital by engaging citizens and partners to improve the well-being and diversity of the communities we serve.