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Public Works

The role of the Public Works and Engineering Department is to provide essential engineering, operations and maintenance services for the benefit of the citizens of the County of Colchester.

The Department is responsible for the day to day administration, supervision and maintenance of the County Infrastructure including sewer network, lift stations, County-owned roads, water distribution network, as well as a number of wastewater treatment facilities in the County. In order to carry out its tasks, the Department maintains a fleet of vehicles as well as other heavy and light equipment including winter clearance equipment and summer maintenance equipment.

Public Works Department staff are responsible for maintaining the transportation network within the County (for roads and streets owned by the County). Maintenance of the roads and streets includes pothole maintenance, hot-mix patching, paving, street cleaning, signage and winter maintenance/snow plowing. The Department also maintains concrete as well as asphalt sidewalks in the County including repairs, patching, providing access to properties, sweeping, grass maintenance and winter snow removal.

The sewer maintenance crew are responsible for maintenance of the County's sewage collection system as well as road-side storm water drainage network & catch basins on County Owned roads. The crew respond to calls regarding problems with sewer service laterals to household connections 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

The Utility Services crew are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water distribution network. They are responsible for installing, reading and repairing of water meters, maintaining fire hydrants, repairing water mains and service connections. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of drinking water procurement, treatment, storage and distribution facilities within the County. The Utility Services crew operate on a 24 hour, 7 days a week rotation to maintain the water treatment plants as well as respond to problems and calls from County residents regarding drinking water supply.

The Municipality owns five wastewater treatment plants in the County that are operated and maintained by the Public Works Department. The Central Colchester Wastewater Treatment Facility is located in Old Barns and serves Truro, Millbrook, Hilden, Bible Hill, Valley, Salmon River and adjoining areas. The sewage treatment plants at Brookfield, Great Village, Tatamagouche and Debert serve the residents of the respective communities. The crew is responsible for maintaining the treatment plants to ensure that they operate at optimum levels and are compliant with the regulations and approvals of the Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

The Engineering functions of the Department include design, construction supervision and contract administration of infrastructure and capital projects approved by the Municipal Council. The engineering work carried out by the Department includes:

  • Design & Construction of Sidewalks including Curb & Gutters, Storm water Drainage piping, catch basins and outfalls
  • Design & Construction of sewer systems, including sewer mains, intermediate lift stations and service connections
  • Design and Construction of Land-fill cells including liner system, leachate collection & disposal
  • Design & Construction of Water Supply and Treatment facilities

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