Tipping Fee Schedule

MaterialTipping Fee ($ per metric Tonne)


Contact GroundFix Remediation Services at 902-293-8080 for more info


Mixed (gyprock, wood, insulation)
Wood Only
Scrap Metal Only



Organic Materials (Colchester Only) $51.00
Shingles $113.00
Off Road Tires $113.00

Contaminated Soil/Sand/Sludge*

Within Colchester
Outside Colchester

Tendered Basis

Industrial Spools $113.00

Residents Within Colchester
Commercial Within Colchester
Commercial Outside Colchester

No Charge
Tendered Basis

Garbage (Colchester Only) $113.00

* Contaminated Soil requests require pre-approval and thorough testing of the material. An application must be submitted and approved before delivery to the Balefill. Applications can be obtained by calling the Materials Recovery Facility at 902-897-0450 (ext. 106) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Questions? Call the Colchester Waste Reduction Helpline 902-895-4777