Early Bird Registration Prizes

The first 100 registrants each receive a free Colchester Clean t-shirt

The first five (5) non-profit organizations could receive a $500 donation  pdf Click here for non-profit eligibility requirements. (113 KB)

The first five (5) recognized sports teams could receive a $500 donation.  pdf Click here for sports team eligibility requirements. (113 KB)

Litter Drop Off Locations

To be announced soon!

Clear Bags Only, No Household Garbage

Please note: Clear bags only for garbage. Residents are encouraged to clean up individually or in small groups. Bags of litter that have been collected during the week of April 22nd and May 7th can be divided amongst the group and added to your regular bi-weekly garbage collection. If you have collected a large amount and need assistance, please call our helpline 902-895-4777 and we can make the necessary arrangements.

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