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HeritageHistory serves as a link to our past, and some of these links are still readily observable today. Colchester County has long been rich in environmental industries which include farming, milling, fishing and lumbering. Many of these industries still continue to operate today; the same ones that were created many years ago by our previous generations.

The majority of Colchester County is rural and consists of over 100 small communities surrounding the suburban area of Truro. These small communities have remained prosperous throughout the past several centuries with many of the same families still present in these areas. Since these communities were once thriving, most of them previously included schoolhouses, churches and cemeteries. Although many of these historic venues are long gone, there remain several that now serve as historic reminders of our past.

Although the history of Colchester is not limited to the information gathered on our website, we feel that it is important to recognize and honour the diverse history that is found throughout Colchester County.

Information pertaining to the history of Colchester was assembled with the help of several key organizations and individuals. Some of those who assisted in the collection of the historic information include the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management in Halifax, Colchester Historical Society, Stewiacke Valley Museum, Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Tatamagouche Creamery, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (formerly NSAC), Bruce Varner, James Chipman, and the Esther Clark Wright Archives at Acadia University.

These are extremely valuable sources and if you require more information on the history of Colchester County, these serve as excellent resources. Also, many of the photographs that are featured in our photo gallery were collected from the Colchester Historical Society and if you wish to obtain copies, or further information on them, please visit their website by clicking above. Another good source of historic places around Nova Scotia, including some in Colchester County is the Historic Places website.

If you have any photographs or information of historical Colchester which you feel should be included on this website, please let us know.

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