Colchester County Council approved a pdf new brand for the Municipality (2.67 MB)  at their Council meeting held on September 26, 2019. The new logo and tagline “be centred here” are part of an effort to improve public engagement, build a strong sense of pride in the community, and promote the County as a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

colchester logo sm

“The Municipality had been using its coat-of-arms as a logo for quite some time. Our Council felt that it was time for something new that better represented the vibrancy and diversity of our community,” said Christine Blair, Mayor. “We’ll continue to use the coat-of-arms for formal purposes, though you will soon begin seeing our new look more prominently throughout our communications.”

Workshops and an extensive community survey helped shape the brand by identifying Colchester’s key attributes and competitive advantages. Attributes included natural beauty, family-focused, welcoming, cultural diversity, and thriving, while the primary competitive advantages identified were the area’s central location, quality of life, and progressiveness.

In three simple words be centred here encapsulates the essence of Colchester’s brand. It not only promotes Colchester’s central geographic location within the province, it more importantly points to Colchester’s unparalleled quality of life. Colchester is a place to live a centred and balanced lifestyle. A place that is affordable, welcoming, family focused, rich in diverse culture and natural beauty, with thriving businesses and access to all the modern amenities typically found in an urban setting – without the common stresses of living in an urban setting.

Dynamic, progressive, and intentionally abstract, the Colchester logo is made up of four partial C-shapes that come together as one. With a resemblance of the County’s highway interchange, it emphasizes the area’s importance as a central transportation hub while promoting the togetherness of family, of the diverse communities and cultures that make up Colchester, and of the natural elements that contribute the area’s centred way of life. The shapes coming together also reflect the collaboration that makes Colchester a stronger and better place.

The colours of the logo were chosen to reflect Colchester’s vibrancy and diversity as well as key characteristics that represent the region’s natural beauty. The dark orange is inspired by the Bay of Fundy cliffs. The gold is a colour inspired by the area’s sunsets symbolizing passion, vision, and prosperity. The green is inspired by the County’s strong agricultural roots, natural resources and environmental stewardship. The waters of the North Shore and many rivers inspired the blues that convey depth and stability, and symbolize trust, wisdom, confidence, faith and honesty.

The Municipality will begin implementing the new brand throughout its operations in stages. A complete presentation and examples of how the brand may be implemented is available online at