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Community space to open during Mass Casualty Commission Hearings

A community space is being opened in Debert during the Mass Casualty Commission Public Hearings. The Debert Fire Hall will open its doors to offer members of the community a place to go and connect with others in an informal and welcoming environment. Tea and coffee will be available. A community navigator will also be onsite to offer support and resources for those who need it.

Dates and Times:

Wednesday, March 30 (10 -4)

Thursday, March 31 (10 -4)

Friday, April 1 (10 – 12)

Debert Fire Hall
34 Carter Road,
Debert, NS, B0M 1G0


French River Watershed Designated as Protected Water Area

Provincial Environment Minister Tim Halman has designated the French River Watershed as a Protected Water Area. As a result, the watershed that gives people of Tatamagouche their drinking water is now protected provincially, further safeguarding access to quality water for area residents.

The application process for the Protected Water Area designation was initiated by the Municipality of Colchester in 2018. Extensive public consultation, including a public survey and community meetings, supported the application and informed the regulations implemented to protect the watershed area.

“It was clear from the public consultation process that most area residents were in favour of advancing the application for the Protected Water Area designation,” said Christine Blair, Mayor of the Municipality of Colchester. “Clean water is one of the most fundamental needs of a community. It is essential to human health, a healthy environment, and a sustainable economy. We are pleased to be able to protect this valuable resource for generations both now and into the future.”

The Protected Water Area regulations protect drinking water supplies by giving municipalities the authority to manage watersheds, including restricting or prohibiting activities that may impact water quality or quantity. Now that the watershed is designated as a Protected Water Area the Tatamagouche Water Utility, owned and operated by the Municipality, is responsible for protecting the area and enforcing the regulations.

“The watershed provides water for the village of Tatamagouche. It’s important that we maintain the pristine water that the village is fortunate enough to have. I am pleased the government has taken into consideration the work that was done to protect the watershed and has designated it as a Protected Water Area. Kudos need to go to the staff of the Municipality for the work that went into getting here and to the community for standing up to be heard. I am over the moon,” said Michael Gregory, Councillor, Municipality of Colchester and Chair of the Tatamagouche Source Water Protection Committee.

More information on the Protected Water Area regulations.

Colchester Holds the Line on Tax Rates

After weathering the financial challenges of 2020, Colchester County Council successfully approved its 2021/22 budget last evening with no increases to the residential or commercial tax rates.  This was the third year of the last four that the Municipality was able to hold the line on its rates, with just a half cent increase in 2019. 

“We know this past year has been challenging financially for many of our residents and businesses. Although our Municipality continues to face rising costs that are beyond our control, such as education, policing, libraries, and corrections, Council was determined to do its best to avoid an increase in our tax rates. We are pleased to say that we were successful in achieving that,” said Christine Blair, Mayor of the Municipality of Colchester.

The Municipality prides itself on delivering a high level of service to residents while continuing to maintain one of the lowest municipal tax rates in the province. Long-term forecasting, investment in contingency reserve funds, and calculated spending have all contributed to the Municipality’s stable financial position.

In addition to careful spending, this year’s $32.9 Million budget continues to invest in critical infrastructure and economic development initiatives that will aid in post-pandemic recovery in the County including rural broadband internet, Debert Business Park and Airport, Fundy Discovery Site, and the Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark.  

The Municipality is leading environmental change by investing in Carbon-Free Colchester initiatives, and numerous community organizations also will receive support through the County’s extensive not-for-profit grant programs.

“We have a variety of hardworking community groups that provide important services across our Municipality. Many have struggled this past year with an inability to fundraise due to public health restrictions. Council is pleased to be able to support these organizations, especially during such challenging times,” remarked Mayor Blair.

Each year the County’s operating budget is set within a context of competing needs, requests, opportunities, and anticipated revenues. Some costs and revenue streams are not within the Municipality’s control. Nearly 46% of taxes collected by the Municipality are transferred to the Provincial Government for services such as schools, housing, libraries, assessment services, corrections, and policing.  This year the County had to accommodate another 3% increase totalling $438,539 in its required mandatory payments to the Province, bringing the total transfer to $14.9 Million.  Such rising costs have made the budgeting process more and more demanding with each given year.

Recognizing the uncertainty of the pandemic and what each day may bring, Colchester County Council remains committed to fiscal stewardship and is optimistic that in partnership with its residents and businesses they will see brighter days ahead.

Colchester Honours and Remembers Those Lost During April 2020 Tragedy

April 15, 2021

As the anniversary of the tragic events of April 18 & 19, 2020 approaches, the Municipality of Colchester prepares to honor and remember the 22 lives and unborn child that were so senselessly taken one-year ago.

In remembrance, the Municipality will be lowering flags at its offices and facilities to half-mast and lighting the Municipal Office at 1 Church Street, Truro in blue. Other organizations and community members are encouraged to join in similar expressions of observance that may include hanging a flag in a window or tying Nova Scotia tartan to a mailbox.

In addition to deeply impacting local communities and the province it has been apparent by the outpouring of love and support received from around the country, and the world, that this tragedy has greatly affected many.

The Municipality of Colchester would like to thank all who have offered condolences, kind gestures, expressions of remembrance, and donations to support the community and victims’ families. All have been a light that has helped restore and lift spirits during a very dark and difficult time.

“Our hearts and thoughts are with all who continue to grieve and heal. We hope that comfort and solace may be found in those around us both now and in the days ahead,” said Christine Blair, Mayor of Colchester County.


Media Contact:

Devin Trefry
Mayor and CAO’s Office
Cell: 902-956-3239
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A Gift to Uplift Spirits

The Municipality of Colchester received a special gift of handcrafted Nova Scotia themed buoys this week to pass on to families of the victims and to survivors of the April 18 and 19 tragedy to help uplift their spirits.

The gift was received from retired Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Craig McCormick who first started making and selling the buoys from his home near Kemptville, Ontario to raise funds in support of the victims’ families.

Uplifting Spirits Buoy

“When I first learned about the tragedy in Nova Scotia, I knew I wanted to do something to help and to let those affected know that they were not alone,” said McCormick.

Hundreds of buoys have been sold across Canada, and in the United States through McCormick’s Uplifting Spirits Facebook page with all proceeds going to the local Nova Scotia Remembers Legacy Society established to assist the affected families and communities.

“The location of each buoy sold is pinned on the Facebook page map. It is wonderful to see such widespread love and support from all over,” said McCormick. Four hundred buoys have been sold to date and sales are anticipated to reach over five hundred before the end of the year.


“I’ve been making the buoys in an open-air workshop, but with the weather starting to change I expect production will be stifled for a bit. Though I hope to keep making them as long as people continue to ask for them,” said McCormick.

Colchester County Mayor, Christine Blair noted that the Municipality has experienced many generous acts of kindness in recent months. “From donations and thoughtful gifts, to encouraging letters, it is reassuring to know that we are in the hearts and minds of so many all across Canada,” said Blair. “We thank Mr. McCormick and all who have made such heart-warming gestures to help our community through these difficult times.”

For information on how to order an Uplifting Spirits buoy visit:


Strategic Priorities and Administrative Update

The following link provides an update on the status of Council's strategic priorities and serves to reflect the accomplishments during Council's 2016-2020 term of office. 

pdf Strategic Priorities Update (August 2020) (5.25 MB)