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July 2, 2020

The Colchester Material Recovery Facility (MRF) has been unable to operate within the safe distancing requirements that have been in place since March 2020; the facility also faced the inability to source the necessary protective equipment (N95 masks) that has been required for our site since 2003 (not COVID-19 related).  To protect our employees, families and the public during the COVID-19 global pandemic measures have been taken and new equipment has been sourced to reopen the facility safely. 

On April 27, the Minister of Environment granted landfills temporary permission to dispose of recyclables during this unprecedent time with regular collection will however continue.

An extension to the variance to landfill material has been granted until July 20th, 2020.  This extension was necessary to allow for arrival of personal protective equipment to the facility. It is expected at this time personal protective equipment will be on site by July 20th and will allow workers to safely work near each other.  This personal protective equipment will provide a viable long-term solution for the facility to continue to operate during these unprecedented times even when there is a shortage of disposable N95 masks.

Your continued cooperation to properly sort your recyclable materials is important so when the variance concludes, we can resume operations quickly and efficiently.  Please remember your fellow neighbours and friends sort your recyclables and needles or sharps should NEVER go in any bags that you set at your curb.

Municipality of the Colchester wants to thank all residents for their hard work on providing high quality recyclable materials for over twenty-three years.  Nova Scotians and the Municipality of Colchester have been recognized as world leaders in waste resource management since 1996.

pdf Updated Balefill Variance Message July 2 2020 (437 KB)


Curbside Collection

recycling programColchester County has a bi-weekly curbside recycling program. Residents must place their recyclables curbside prior to 7:00 am on their collection day. For information on collection schedules and proper source separation, call the Colchester Waste Reduction Helpline at 902-895-4777 or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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Curbside Recycling

Residents must separate recyclables into two transparent blue bags. Bag #1 is for paper products while Bag #2 is for household containers and clean plastic bags.

Bag 1 - Paper & Textiles Products 

  • newspapers, magazines
  • advertising flyers
  • periodicals, game books
  • catalogs, telephone books
  • pocket novels
  • clean paper egg cartons
  • envelopes
  • paper towel cores
  • boxboard (ie cereal boxes)
  • letter, office, school paper
  • corrugated cardboard
  • Textiles (DRY clothing, bedding, footwear, etc.)

Bag 2 - Recyclable Containers

  • plastic pop bottles
  • aluminum cans
  • aluminum pie plates
  • StyrofoamTM
  • juice boxes
  • glass bottles and jars
  • all liquor containers
  • plastic containers (#1 - 7)
  • milk cartons
  • plastic grocery bags
  • bread bags
  • tin cans

Helpful Recycling Hints

  • Paper products must be clean and dry.
  • It is okay to leave your papers stapled.
  • Corrugated cardboard can be set beside recycling bags if broken down into 3ft x 2ft x 1ft bundles and tied.
  • All beverage containers must be rinsed and caps off.
  • All milk cartons are placed in Bag #2 because milk or water residue may contaminate the paper bag. All milk cartons are recyclable, you do not need to remove any plastic, simply remove the caps and rinse.
  • Labels may be left on or removed.
  • Containers must be rinsed with the caps off
  • Plastic caps are garbage


In 1996 Nova Scotia developed a Deposit/Refund System. Every time you purchase a ready-to-serve beverage container, you pay a ten cent deposit. When returned to an Enviro-Depot, you can collect your five cent refund.

This program applies to all beverage containers excluding: milk, milk products, soya milk, concentrates.

Colchester County has four Enviro-Depots. All accept the above mentioned items as well as used car batteries. John Ross & Sons and Subway Bottle Exchange both accept scrap metal.

John Ross & Sons
7 Cummane Street
Truro, NS
(902) 893-9429

Subway Bottle Exchange
25 Pictou Road
Bible Hill, NS
(902) 893-8312

TNT Recycling
20711 Highway 2
Stewiacke, NS
(902) 758-2708

Tatamagouche Recycling
Main Street
Tatamagouche, NS

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