Cobequid Trail

Explore an 18-km trail network on foot or bicycle

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The Cobequid Trail is an 18-km walking and bicycling trail network in central Colchester County. Open year-round. No winter maintenance.

  • Walking, cycling and snowshoeing are permitted.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Dog on leash are permitted. Please pick up after your dog.

Explore woodland paths and shaded brooks. Follow the rail trail from Truro to Cobequid Bay. Watch for migratory birds on the marshlands and mudflats. View the Salmon River and salt marsh. Catch the tidal bore when it arrives twice daily. Discover the land “where the bay runs far up”.

pdf Cobequid Trail Map 2022 (2.45 MB)

Access the trail at these trailheads

The Old Barns, Lower Truro and Truro sections of the Cobequid Trail are part of the Blue Route and the Trans Canada Trail.

 Blue RouteTrans Canada Trail