Pat Mahaney Mountain Bike Trail

The Pat Mahaney Mountain Bike Trail in Bible Hill is the first trail in Colchester County exclusively for mountain biking. The trail has loops for three skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). The trail is in a wooded area and located at the head of Eagle Crest section of the Cobequid Trail. The mountain bike trails are suitable for youth riders and are used regularly by Bible Hill Junior High Bike Club, from which this trail idea was born. The Pat Mahaney Mountain Bike Trail is a partnership between the Village of Bible Hill and the Bible Hill Cemetery Company. The Grand Opening of the trail was held in June 2011 as part of Colchester Bike Week.

Type: Loop
Length: 2.6 km
Surface: Crushed gravel
Rating: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Marking: Follow obvious trail
Permitted Use: Mountain biking only
Access: Trail starts off Eagle Crest section of Cobequid Trail, Warren Drive, off College Road, Bible Hill. Parking is available at Eagle Crest trailhead (Warren Drive).


Village of Bible Hill, 902-893-8083

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