Enjoy a picnic beside the Stewiacke River.

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Reservable picnic areas

Stewiacke River Park has three picnic areas available for reservation beside the river. 

2022 Season:
April 9 - October 10
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Shelter A

  • located in the centre of the park
  • 20' x 40' open air, timber frame shelter with concrete floor
  • seating under shelter for approximately 40-50 people
  • electricity
  • potable water (available starting May 20)
  • garbage/recycling bin
  • parking for 10-12 vehicles within 50-100 m
  • accessible washroom (composting toilet) within 50 m
  • playground within 30 m
  • hammock within 30 m
  • adjacent large lawn area
  • river access with stairs and floating dock within 20 m (unsupervised)

Shelter B

  • located at the park entrance
  • small timber frame shelter (single table) with concrete floor
  • seating under shelter for approximately 6-8 people
  • parking for up to 6 cars within 10-20 m
  • accessible washroom (composting toilet) within 50 m
  • garbage/recycling bin
  • no electricity
  • adjacent small lawn area
  • river access within 20 m

Shelter C & D

  • located at the east end of the park
  • two small (single table) shelters
  • seating under each shelter for up to 8 people
  • parking for up to 3 cars within 40 m
  • garbage/recycling bin
  • no electricity
  • accessible washroom (composting toilet) within 400 m
  • potable water within 400 m (available starting May 20)
  • playground within 400 m
  • mature hemlock trees provide shade
  • adjacent lawn area
  • river access within 20 m
  • hammock within 10 m


The washroom at shelter A and B can serve up to 50 people per event. If additional washroom capacity is required, portable washrooms must be arranged and paid for by the individual or group making the reservation.

Facilities are available free-of-charge.

The following are prohibited

  • alcohol
  • stapled decorations, balloons, piñatas
  • amplified music or public address systems
  • amusement equipment (e.g., bouncy-house)

Set-up and clean-up

  • Users are responsible for all set-up and clean-up.
  • Time for set-up and clean-up must be included in the reservation time.
  • Set-up includes unloading of any food, supplies, extra tables, chairs, etc.
  • Clean-up consists of picking up all litter and removing all decorations, equipment and supplies. Please leave the area clean for the next visitors.

How to reserve a picnic area

  1. Read the information above to see if this park fits your needs.
  2. Choose a date and time for your event.
  3. Contact Colchester Recreation to check availability.
    • fill in the park reservation form
    • or call 902-897-3185
    • or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.